Again My Life Episode 15 Recap: Lee Joon Gi Declares War Against Jo Tae Seop

In Again My Life Ep 15, the prosecutor, Jeon Seok-Gyu, made a complete 180-degree turn. “How about taking off the prosecutor’s clothes?” he proposed to Ji Seong-ho, instructing Kim Hee-woo (Lee Joon Gi) to leave the investigation of Kim Seok-hoon and relocate to Detective Division 5.

Hee-woo, on the other hand, did not suspect Seok-gyu and examined Park Dae-ho with the help of Oh Min-guk, who had come to the Central Prosecutor’s Office from Gimsan.

Seok-gyu interfered when Hee-woo obtained evidence of an unlawful loan against Park Dae-ho. Hee-woo was concerned about Seok-gyu, who was attempting to deal with everything on his own, but he stated, “Park Tae-ho will be caught by me. You’re attempting to apprehend Jo Tae-seop. Step back and hide your claws.” Park Dae-ho vanished at that time.

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Hee-woo saved his life by securing him ahead of Jo Tae-seop’s escape. “Let’s see what decision he picks,” Tae-seop smiled as he was assigned to Hee-woo as the prosecutor in charge of the case after Jeon Seok-gyu did not obey the directions to “Release Park Dae-ho.”

The juniors left Jeon Seok-gyu under pressure from above, and Hee-woo pleaded, “Hold on until the end.” Hee-woo purposefully leaked information to Lee Min-soo, who waged war on him and promised to “free Park Dae-ho soon.” I also employed the lobbyist Jeong Se-yeon as the reverse, who approaches Tae-seop’s directions.

“To Tae-seop, you are a disposable item that is discarded when it no longer serves its purpose. “You want to sell EMP weaponry that renders electronic equipment worthless, and you want to use a military helicopter as a smokescreen,” he stated. Assume you’ve arrived to sell your weapons.

Lee Min-soo was concerned about Hee-woo and others around him when Park Sang-man took over as CEO of JQ Construction. “Do not go out, and do not answer calls from Jo Tae-seop,” Hee-woo said, dismissing the allegation that Tae-seop was chasing Sang-man’s back. Hee-woo disclosed his identity when Sang-man attempted to leave. To Tae-seop, he replied, “I am declaring war”.

“Everything was for the people, not personal greed,” Jo Tae-seop added. “, he explained “I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt. Get down on your knees and make an apology.” Hee-woo remarked at this point, “”You shouldn’t be here,” he scoffed, “and I’ll catch you.” You’re at ease in prison.” Tae-seop said, “It’s a political war to touch the thing that hurts the most.

“Reveal about Kim Hee-woo,” Tae- seop’s aide Kim Jin-woo and Doctor K threatened Sang-man. Sang-man feigned to accept their proposition and attempted to gather proof, asking, “Can I trust Representative Jo Tae- seop’s promises?”, but was caught and fell off the roof, being pushed by Dr. K. He suffered terrible injuries.

Tae-seop said, “I haven’t met an interesting person in a long time. I’ll try until the end of my days, but I’m sure I’ll come to regret it. You’ll understand what it’s like to be helpless.” Hee-woo was left alone on Tae- seop’s orders. Hee-woo’s close friends Ji Sang-ho, Oh Min-guk, Kim Gyu-ri , and Koo Seung-hyeok earned local assignments, while Kim Han-mi went as a Japanese journalist.

Like Hee-woo, Hwang Jin-yong got secluded. Hee-woo admitted, “For a while, I felt bad about it. “I’ll just leave Jo Tae-seop alone,” he said in the end, raising his sword and saying, “I’ll show Jo Tae-seop what hell is.””

At the end of Again My Life Ep 15, Minsu’s political ambitions are revealed in his request to Tae-seop, who tells him to apprehend Hee-woo, “I want to restore my father’s honour.” “Kim Hee-woo will be your ticket to Yeouido,” Tae-seop approved the proposition. “Kim Hee-woo, you should be my ticket,” Min-su vowed war, intensifying the curiosity for the last and final episode.

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