Again My Life Episode 14 Recap: Lee Joon Gi Succeeds In His Plan

In Again My Life Ep 14, Kim Hee Woo (Lee Joon-gi) succeeded in severing Jo Tae Seop’s (Lee Kyung-young) connection with Kim Seok Hoon (Choi Kwang-il).

In Again My Life Ep 14, Prosecutor Kim Seok-hoon, a presidential candidate, faced a problem after it was revealed that he had protected a major figure in a drug trafficking case from issues involving his wife. Kim Han-mi announced that she was Kim Seok-hoon’s extramarital child at a news conference there, leaving no room for him to go. Jo Tae-seop shook his head as well.

Then, through his subordinate Han Ji-hyeon, Jo Tae-seop gave Kim Hee-woo an order to arrest Kim Seok-hoon immediately, and Kim Hee-woo did so. Kim Seok-hoon said that what he had done was the order ofJo Tae-seop, and he said, “You must have been directed to catch me too.”

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“It appears impossible to go out,” Kim Hee-woo responded. Hanmi arrived to the police station a long time ago to save the South Korean and American from the prosecutor’s problems. At the time, I was a friend who assisted Korea-US.

As the Prosecutor, I have no idea what type of person Hanmi is, but she is a dear friend of mine. Kim Seok-hoon admitted to the charges against him.

Jo Tae-seop also checked Kim Hee-woo, who was aware of his weaknesses. “Kim Seok-hoon is a friend I trust quite a bit,” Jo Tae-seop informed Han Ji-hyun. However, greed could not be trusted. Is Hee-Woo Kim trustworthy? He questioned, “Is he ready for a collar that suits Kim Hee-woo?” and set up the work.

In addition, Jo Tae-seop crossed paths with Jeon Seok-gyu, who was on the same route as Kim Hee-woo. “The position of the Chief of the Central Prosecutor’s Office is vacant,” Jo Tae-seop voiced his intention to have Jeon Seok-gyu next to him. “Hwang Jin-yong, please get me out of the political sphere,” Jo Tae-seop begged. And he dismisses everyone who has been with him up to this point and replaces them with Choi Kang-jin.

He put forward a condition. If he had been a prosecutor, he would have aspired to this post at least once. That opportunity is not available to everyone. You could even go to the Prosecutor General, depending on what you do.” This offer was rejected by Jeon Seok-gyu.

At the end of Again My Life Ep 14, Jeon Seok-gyu was shown as the chief of the Central Prosecutor’s Office, which sparked interest.

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