Again My Life Episode 13 Recap

In Again My Life Ep 13, Jeon Seok-gyu exposed Kim Seok-hoon’s son’s corruption.

Kim Hee-woo (Lee Joon-gi) stood in front of Doctor K, who was attempting to murder Koo Seung-hyuk. Kim Hee-woo, when asked who he is, said, “Is that critical now? Someone who is well familiar with you.”

“Have we met before?” Doctor K inquired. “Yeah, and I died at your hands,” Kim Hee-woo remarked. Doctor K then fled when the alarm sounded, leaving Koo Seung-hyuk in the care of Park Sang-man and Kim Hee-woo.

Kim Gyu-ri (Hong Bi-ra) was trying to discover out who Doctor K was when Kim Hee-woo intervened. Gyu-ri Kim enquired: “”Are you going to ask us to lower our tails?” Kim Hee-woo inquired. “From now on, the two of you keep your hands off the JQ gun.” It would be preferable if they stated that they had come to a halt because they were terrified. You trust me and back away. This case will be over, I guarantee.

Kim Hee-woo said, “We got into an argument. I went to persuade my motive to drop the JQ Construction probe, and I ran into a criminal. Kim Young-il will be released tonight. The case has been dropped by both prosecutors. I’d want to hear the legislator’s thoughts.

I keep hearing from the prosecutor that his job is suspect. From now on, I will chase the thief. “Perhaps it’s the gangster’s person,” I reasoned. After receiving the instructions, I wanted to double-check and move. Is it appropriate to pursue the thief? Whether I should hide it or not, I’ll follow the directions “and told Jo Tae-seop about his altercation with Dr.K

“The people who come to me because I like it are always rowdy,” Jo Tae-seop stated. They request that I solve the issue. Kim Hee-woo, on the other hand, is unique in that he brings solutions rather than issues. However, there is an issue. There is no regard for others. It is not uncommon to have a young prosecutor. Is that all? “In my opinion, it sometimes staggers me. I understand that the map is useful, but is there anything else you require? Pick someone who can keep an eye on Kim Hee-woo.”

Kim Seok-hoon, who called Kim Hee-woo, stated: “I’ll go up, Mr. President. I’ve arrived. I’ll be able to get what I want as soon as the prosecution believes I’ll be able to. Choi Kang-jin should receive Yoon Jong-gil. That is what you must do.” Kim Hee-woo then went to Hwang Jin-yong and said, “Okay, now it is Hwang Jin-turn.”

According to Hwang Jin-yong, “Do you want me to be the party’s leader? “They’re telling me to oust Kim Jung-taek, who is sitting quietly,” Hwang Jin-yong said, while Kim Hee-woo, who turned over the data on Kim Jung-taek’s wrongdoing, and said, “I can’t fight Jo Tae-seop since he’s the opposition’s representative.”

Prosecutor General I was instructed to investigate how CEO Kim Jung-taek had been living in the interim. Jo Tae-seop, of course, had to have instructed the prosecutor. The legislator’s wind had only recently begun to sing.” Hwang Jin-yong later told Kim Hee-woo, “This is the path that leads to Kim Jung-taek. I’ll challenge you if your thoughts go well this time.”

Jeon Seok-gyu uncovered the corruption of Kim Seok-hoon’s son, Kim Young-il, on the day of Kim Seok-hoon’s personnel hearing, and Kim Seok-hoon found himself in a predicament.

Meanwhile, Jo Tae-seop ran into Lee Min-soo, who detained Mirae Electronics’ CEO. Lee Min-soo then told Kim Hee-woo, “I discovered something intriguing. I’m at odds with you.”

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