Again My Life Episode 12 Recap: Is Lee Joon Gi Plan Failed?

In Again My Life Ep 12, Kim Hee-woo (Lee Joon-gi) worked hard to create a wedge between Jo Tae-seop (Lee Kyung-young) and Kim Seok-hoon.

“I will catch Kim Seok-hoon,” Kim Hee-woo said to Jo Tae-seop. Hee-woo revealed that Seok-hoon had covertly authorised the Bando Bank inquiry. Jo Tae-seop, who holds a 15% share in Chunha Group, has a hidden fund called Bando Bank.

As a condition of covering up the Bando Bank probe, Tae-seop offered Hee-woo, saying, “Tell me what position you want and where you want to work. I’ll hand over control of the future to you.”

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Again My Life Ep 12 Recap

Hee-woo, on the other hand, rejected, claiming, “I didn’t betray Kim Seok-hoon; I simply followed my convictions.” Tae-seop chuckled and said, “Come see me if you need anything. At any time, the door here will be open to you.”

“Kim Hee-woo is a notification, not a report,” Kim Seok-hoon said, ordering Choi Kang-jin to investigate separately. Hee-woo sent the Eastern District Prosecutor’s Office’s Kim Gyu-ri the JQ Construction corruption probe data. Tae-seop discovered that Hee-woo was Jeon Seok-gyu through the head of the Han office and used him to bring Kim Seok-hoon down.

Hee-woo went to the abandoned Jang Il-hyeon, disclosed his identity as Jo Tae-seop, and had Kim Seok-hoon admit to his corruption in exchange for a reduced sentence. With the appearance of Chief Han, Il-hyun came to believe in Hee-woo and opened up about JQ’s corruption. Hee-woo gave the recording to Han and Gyuri’s heads, so Jo Tae-seop could use it as a card.

Hee-woo was tested by the suspicious Tae-seop. “What kind of case are you investigating?” he questioned during a meal with Seok-hoon. Hee-woo was humiliated by this. When Hwang Jin-joung’s name came up in Tae-seop and Seok-hoon’s talk, Hee-woo became uneasy and grasped what Tae-seop meant when he described Seok-hoon as a ‘small man.’ Park Sang-man told Hee-woo, “JQ Construction will be taken over by me. Do what you want.”

The stakes escalated as Bando Bank and JQ Construction became intertwined. Hee-woo’s side expected Kim Seok-hoon to be preoccupied with his son’s work, but Tae-seop ordered the JQ Construction investigation to be halted and stated, “It’s perplexing. JQ Construction and Bando Bank. Prosecutor Yoon comes after Hwang Jin-yong. Someone must have predicted my number and beaten the player. Should I go along with it or not? “

“You are the prosecutor-general,” Tae-seop said, addressing Kim Seok-hoon about the Bando Bank inquiry. “I’ll deal with my son’s problem.” “Don’t try me anymore,” Tae-seop advised. “Don’t step over the line.” “You should get rid of Prosecutor Yoon Jong-ki, who is impeding your progress,” he stated. A just prosecutor’s mouth will be blocked by me.

Gyuri was dissatisfied with Prosecutor Yoon’s order to stop the JQ Construction investigation, and Koo Seung-hyeok headed to Gusan to meet the witness. 

At the end of Again My Life Ep 12, prosecutor Goo did not comply with the will of Doctor K, who forced the JQ construction investigation to cease, and his life was in danger. At that time, Hee-woo came forward and stopped Doctor K and rescued the old prosecutor.

Source: SBS

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