Again My Life Episode 11 Recap & Summary

In Again My Life Ep 11, Jo Tae-seop visited Chunha Group’s chairman Kim Geon-young, who was hospitalized, and interfered in the succession issue. Jo Tae-seop told Kim Geon-young, “It’s time to stop coming down. Heaven must go into a new era. I admit that Korea has improved a lot thanks to Cheonha.

However, from the perspective of the president, we cannot keep up with the times.” Kim Gun-young did not waver. To this, Tae-seop Jo said, “Chairman, please come down on your own. He said, “There is nothing worse than being dragged down,” and Kim Geon-young warned, “I also have a knife.”

When Jo Tae-seop caught Kim Geon-young’s son Kim Seon-joong, he issued a severe warning to Kim Geon-young, and Kim Geon-young found Jo Tae-seop and bowed down, imploring him not to touch the child.

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Again My Life Ep 11 Recap, SBS

However, Jo Tae-seop would not comply with such a request, and Kim Geon-young submitted a recorded file holding evidence that Jo Tae-seop had previously made a black deal with him and stated, “I only have a few days to live.” He pressed Jo Tae-seop, saying, “Asking me before I die is a threat.” Jo Tae-seop then secretly ordered the assassination of Kim Gun-young, who died as a result.

‘Chairman Geon-Young is a person who should have lived for a few more years,’ Hee-Woo remarked in response to Geon-Young Kim’s abrupt death. There was only one reason why such a person would kill him. Perhaps Jo Tae-seop hastened Chairman Kim Gun-young’s death? He will now gradually show his desire to consume the Cheonha group. ‘I can’t allow Jo Tae-seop’s will flow,’ he reasoned.

Jeon Seok-gyu met Kim Hee-woo (Lee Joon Gi). “I believe the death of former Chairman Kim Gun-young is an opportunity,” Kim Hee-woo remarked. Let us apprehend Kim Seok-hoon. Kim Seok-hoon was rattled as Jang Il-hyeon was apprehended.

The special team assigned to the Chunha group will also vanish, putting Kim Seok-hoon’s defenses in peril. Now is an excellent time to strike Kim Seok-hoon. JQ Development. “It’s always the family that holds the ankles of the mighty,” he added with a smirk, referring to Prosecutor Kim Seok-hoon’s wife and his son’s wrongdoing.

The special squad investigating the Chunha group was disbanded, as Kim Hee-woo had predicted. Prosecutors reacted angrily as well. “If you toss a case equal to the Chunha group, complaints would be decreased,” Kim Hee-woo urged Prosecutor Kim Seok-hoon, and chose to examine the Bando Bank, which is also Cho Tae-seop’s money book. Kim Seok-hoon, on the other hand, flatly rejected.

When Kim Seok-hoon realised that Jo Tae-seop was continuously comparing himself against other prosecutors for the job of president, he was enraged. Kim Seok-hoon responded by ordering Kim Hee-woo to “examine the Peninsula Bank in secret.” Kim Seok-hoon inquired about Kim Hee-woo’s bait. “I will catch Kim Seok-hoon,” Kim Hee-woo stated to Jo Tae-seop later. Jo Tae-seop and Kim Seok-hoon’s relationship began to crumble.

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