Again My Life Episode 10 Recap & Summary

In Again My Life Ep 10, Kim Hee-woo (Lee Joon-gi) and Hwang Jin-yong (Yoo Dong-geun) were drawn to be the ones who unlocked Pandora’s box, shocking the country.

In the previous broadcast, Kim Hee-woo met Hwang Jin-yong for the first time by happenstance. Kim Hee-woo saved Hwang Jin-yong’s daughter, who was being terrorised by Jo Tae-seop’s supporters, and he did not waste the chance. Because Kim Hee-woo is a necessary figure to catch Jo Tae-seop, Hwang Jin-yong is the sole politician who opposes him in his past life. Hwang Jin-yong, who distrusts prosecutors, was initially suspicious of Kim Hee-woo’s role as a prosecutor, but he eventually warmed up to him.

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Again My Life Episode 10 SS

In Again My Life Ep 10, Kim Hee-woo discovered Hwang Jin-yong, who had been abandoned by his coworkers. He also gave Cho Tae-seop Pandora’s box, a list of corruption in the military service of public officials’ offspring, which would destroy him. “Please hurl it in the National Assembly,” Kim Hee-woo remarked, and Hwang Jin-yong responded, “will be suspended.” “You will get strength again,” Kim Hee-woo responded.

This box can only be opened by you. The world will be noisy the moment you open the package, but everyone will see the last hope. ” And at the hearing of the Minister of Justice candidate, Hwang Jin-yong revealed this list while holding the documents supplied to him by Kim Hee-woo.

“Military service corruption, drugs, sexual abuse,” Jo Tae-seop informed his subordinates thereafter. Corruption was prevalent throughout Korea. Leave the press alone, don’t try to control it. Senator Hwang will believe that my limbs have been severed, but my power will expand. Hwang Jin- yong’s contents were only partially made public. Those crooked backs are probably terrified right now. Whether or not his name was on the hit list. If everyone on the list wants to live, they should come to me.”

From Hwang Jin-yong’s list of corruption, Jo Tae-seop pulled out the main ones. ‘All the main characters are gone, and there are only the abandoned ones,’ said Kim Hee-woo, who checked the selected list.

Jo Tae-seop also summoned opposition lawmakers and asked, “Did you find a solution to placate the public’s yearning to explode?” “Turn people’s focus to their livelihood,” he stated. Raise awareness about higher taxes, cigarette costs, soju, and other issues. Let’s shift the focus from corruption to taxes. “After that, it will be forgotten,” he said.

At the meeting with Kim Hee-woo, Hwang Jin-yong expressed his dissatisfaction. The list of corruptions in which major figures had vanished enraged Jo Tae-seop as a “disgusting world.” According to Hwang Jin-yong, “I expected it, but it’s even worse than I had anticipated. “I thought I could chop off the tail,” he remarked, “but I couldn’t even cut the tail.”

“It will be fruitless to run for a hundred days until the rotten prosecutor’s office is entirely replaced,” Hwang Jin-yong stated, shaking his head. Kim Hee-woo responded by saying, “I’ll start with a small fracture and work my way up to a massive dam. I’ll need your assistance to accomplish this. It begins right now. He stated it again, “I will make them pay for their wickedness.”

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