Again My Life Episode 1 Recap: Lee Joon Gi’s Second Life Begins

Again My Life Episode 1, Kim Hee-woo (Lee Joon-gi) who had already shown off some fantastic action scenes in his first appearance, introduced himself as “I am a valiant swordsman who dispels the gloom of injustice. A gentle swordsman who looks after the weak and disenfranchised. An unbiased prosecutor who solely pursues the truth. “

In Again My Life Ep 1, Kim Hee-woo reported politician Jo Tae-seop to prosecutor Kim Seok-hoon to arrest him. Kim Seok-hoon, on the other hand, turned down Kim Hee-woo, stating, “Do it while you can.” Kim Hee-woo, on the other hand, was wary of Kim Seok-hoon. In truth, Kim Seok-hoon was good friends with Jo Tae-seop, and when Kim Hee-woo went missing, he called Jo Tae-seop and said, “I think you should prepare.”

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Jo Tae-seop, the ruling party’s leader, was the next presidential candidate, and he had a lot of charm and a lot of support. Jo Tae-seop, in particular, demonstrated his undeniable influence by lavishly endowing current president Jae-geun Heo with campaign funds and concealing his mistress.

Despite the protests of those around him, Kim Hee-woo called Jo Tae-seop, and Jo Tae-seop came in court with a dignified demeanour. Jo Tae-seop exuded confidence when he said, “It has nothing to do with the charges that the prosecution has made. It’s simply terrible that it has caused fear among those who have long believed in and supported me.”

Kim Hee-woo and Jo Tae-seop met for the first time soon after. According to Jo Tae-seop, “”It’s wonderful to see you,” Kim Hee-woo replied, “but after watching the examination, it doesn’t look like a greeting from the suspect.” It does not satisfy me “he remarked, his voice strained with nerves.

Then, according to Kim Hee-woo, “Hello Uncle, this is the investigative room for the prosecutor’s office. You are the one who is being investigated. I’m attempting to degrade you. In addition, Jo Tae-seop stated, “I’m very excited to see what sort of weapon Y’ll bring out. Please don’t get your hopes up.” “, he said “Mr. Hee-woo, Have you ever considered what justice might be like if you didn’t have any power? You don’t get justice because you’re willing to accept it. It’s not you; it’s the people.” What you have now is a stroke caused by ignorance, not justice. You should have breached the system that was established for me and entered to bring me down.”

Jo Tae-seop was aware that Kim Hee-woo had acquired a witness, so he contacted the witness ahead of time. Kim Hee-woo was consoled by Jo Tae-seop, who said, “Isn’t it too simple to meet up with me? I was curious about the prosecutor’s identity. Do you have any intentions to put that spirit to better use?”

Kim Hee-woo was aware that the information had been released and attempted to trace it down, but instead fell into Jo Tae-Seop’s trap. Kim Hee-woo met Dr K after a vigorous chase, and the two battled it out. “Tell him to live,” Dr. K said, but Kim Hee-woo refused to give up.

Dr K subdued Kim Hee-woo after a fierce fight and injected him with a substance laced with alcohol and methamphetamine. Kim Hee-woo’s body was hurled off the building’s roof, and Kim Hee-Woo’s body altered at that instant.

Again My Life Episode 1, Image Source: Naver TV

Returning to the building’s roof, Kim Hee-woo encountered the grim reaper, Han Ji-Hyeon. “Would you use one more life to catch Jo Tae-seop if there is one more life left?” Han Ji-Hyun asked, looking back at Kim Hee-Woo’s past. Kim Hee-woo responded by saying, “I put my life on the line for this,” Han Ji-Hyun stated, “and I will spare you.” It is too late for you to be punished in the afterlife. Please demonstrate that there is a world outside of this one. Promise me that you’ll take your time preparing and that you’ll give him hell. “

Kim Hee-woo made a promise: “I’ll show you,” Han Ji-Hyun stated, “and you’ll see me if I get closer to Jo Tae-seop.” Keep in mind that unless you’re a particularly nasty demon, you won’t be able to catch a demon. Please don’t do that “. Kim Hee-woo regained consciousness and awoke at the convenience store where he had worked part-time following his high school graduation.

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Kim Hee-woo recovered consciousness and returned to his home almost immediately. After his parents died, Kim Hee-woo, who had previously ignored his parents, came to his senses and regretted his harsh treatment of them.

With an anxious heart, Hee-woo opened the door, and both parents greeted him as healthy. Hee-woo treated his parents differently than previously, and despite their confusion, both parents accepted him.

Hee-woo began training after the warmth faded, stating, “I have to be strong so that I can protect myself, my family, and everyone.” Hee-woo enrolled in the Jae-Su Academy and was placed in the same class as Kim Han-mi (Kim Jae-Kyung), but he concentrated only on his academics.

Then there was the day when Hee-Woo’s parents were involved in a hit-and-run accident. Hee-woo rolled his head to avoid an accident, but his parents continued to go to work. To avoid an accident, Hee-woo went to meet them in front of the factory where his parents worked.

At the end of Again My Life Ep 1, Kim Hee-woo did not breach the rules when his parents passed away. Hee-woo discovered the car in his dream and rescued his parents, but another car came speeding up from behind. “Am I going to be alone like this again?” screamed Kim Hee-woo.

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