Again My Life Ending Explained: A Happy Ending

In Again My Life last and final Episode (Again My Life Ep 16), as a prosecutor, Kim Hee Woo (Lee Joon-gi) entered politics in order to effectively combat Jo Tae-seop. Jo Tae-seop swayed public opinion by circulating false information about his opponent, Kim Hee-woo.

According to Kim Hee-woo, “The speculations and revelations that have been made about me are false. There is a coordinated effort to hurt me. I believe it’s because I don’t want to get involved in politics.

Kim Hee-woo recommended a live TV debate, stating, “Don’t do it behind the scenes, Rep. Cho Tae-seop. Let us speak boldly in front of the electorate. I’ll be wait.

Jo Tae-seop couldn’t say no to Kim Hee-woo’s proposal for an open conversation. Jo Tae-seop, who had expected Kim Hee-woo to respond to the debate, interrogated Kim Hee-woo about Kim Jin-woo’s death.

After the public debate, Han Ji-hyeon exposed Jo Tae-seop. “I’m not going to say I was right from the start,” Han Ji-hyun says. However, there was something wrong with Jo Tae Seop’s strategy,” she explained. “The purpose was correct, but the tactics were not.”

When large political funds were shifted to maintain power at the expense of people’s lives, I witnessed it myself.

“The transcript of Jo Tae-seop’s heinous acts was then leaked by Han Ji-hyun. It is difficult to change the world on command. Please put a stop to it immediately. Don’t allow yourself to become a monster any longer. Please.”

“Please keep your cool until all the information is disclosed,” Jo Tae-seop said in response. Dr. K was immediately commanded by Jo Tae-seop to bring Han Ji-hyun.

Dr. K was approached by Kim Hee-woo in order to protect Han Ji-hyun. Ji-hyun stepped in to save Dr. K while he was in danger. Han came to a halt in front of Kim Hee-woo.

Jo Tae-seop was enraged when he discovered that his scheme had failed. “You can’t capture me,” he said Kim Hee-woo. “Leaving our country in such a state. That was something I couldn’t change. That I failed to complete the task assigned to me. You can’t punish someone for taking responsibility. Tae-Seop, I’m Jo Tae-Seop. “Until the end, he justified his behaviour.

He also disappeared, leaving a warning that he would keep an eye on Kim Hee-woo’s Republic of Korea. By Jo Tae-seop’s side, Han Ji-hyeon confessed that he would pay for the crime he had committed.

With the passage of time, a body believed to be that of Jo Tae-seop was uncovered. Kim Hee-woo and Lee Min-soo were sceptical that the body belonged to Jo Tae-seop. “I caught everything,” Lee Min-soo stated, “but I’m not happy.” “It’s because no one has been appropriately compensated for their crimes,” Kim Hee-woo continued. He claimed he had to catch him over a hundred thousand times.

Lee Min-soo congratulated Kim Hee-woo on becoming a politician. Leave it to me to create a world in which you can thrive.

“Even Park Sang-man, who had been comatose, awoke, and Kim Hee-woo joined in the laughter with his friends. And began a true love affair with Kim Hee-ah, which ended happily.

Even after Jo Tae-seop vanished, there were still enemies to eliminate, such as garbage. “A country without justice will not survive in the end,” Kim Hee-woo said, promising to fight for justice in the future.

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