Adamas Kdrama Ending Explained – Finding Adamas Never Stopped

In the last and the final episode of Adamas (Adamas Ep 16), Soo-Hyeon Song and team leader Lee engaged in a hand-to-hand fight while Ha-Sin and Seo-Hee Kim used a locator to track down Soo-Hyeon Song. At the beach, the signal abruptly stopped, and Song Soo-hyun was ultimately untraceable.

The team leader was taken into custody, but he remained silent. What did Suhyeon do? Hausin pleaded with this team captain. I couldn’t even find the body, Lee scoffed. I want to kill myself.

Hausin declared, “I choose that. Adamas. I’m still holding Adamas. Shall we proceed to negotiate with it?” Lee, the team’s leader, “Kill this team leader; I’ll give you Adamas. Do you mind asking Chairman Eun? I’m interested. You. Me. Who will you decide on?”

Additionally, General Manager Choi asked Hau-Shin how he felt after learning that Writer Ha had saved the team leader. I felt at ease. Know why I shot Chairman Kwon? I finished. I behaved in a manner that was identical to Team A.

Don’t make the same mistakes as me, director Choi advised. The writer’s suffering continues after the death of this team leader, just as it doesn’t cease when Chairman Kwon passes away. It means that Eun-hye-soo is the decision maker. The new owner.

In particular, Hausin went to see Eunhye-soo (Seo Ji-hye) and said, “It’s Adamas,” putting the bag on the ground. Eunhye-soo exclaimed, “Adamas here? Recklessly?” Hausin responded, “Because it’s not a very precious thing to me.

Isn’t the deal broken, Eunhye-soo questioned? This team leader was obtained, although I am aware that it wasn’t in the manner we had promised. Or do you desire a fresh agreement?” Don’t interfere with this team leader, Hausin warned. “Preserve him alive.” Without a doubt, I’ll take him to court. This is the reason I keep him alive.

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Adamas Episode 16 Recap

At the end of Adamas Ep 16, Song Soo-hyun is alive, Hausin declared. He Received a mysterious letter saying ‘Find Adamas’ and headed to the place where Song Soo-hyun disappeared. Hausin looked at the beach with Adamas and the finding of the Adamas Never stopped.

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