3 Key Points to look out for in New Romcom ‘Love Is For Suckers’

Ahead of the premiere of the new romance comedy Wednesday and Thursday drama ‘Live is for Suckers’ highlighted three significant points to look out for in the drama.

The upcoming Wednesday-Thursday drama “Love is for Suckers” (directed by Choi Gyu-sik, created by KT Studio Genie, and produced by tale TV), which will premiere on October 5 at 9 p.m KST centres on a romance between two 20-year-old best friends who are now in their 30s. They unexpectedly cross paths while working on a reality dating show and fall in love.

The beautiful love story and salty life narrative of the “visual pair,” Lee Da-hee and Choi Si-won, who are friends and neighbours, are what really make “Love is for Suckers” popular. It is anticipated that the ideal sweet-salty-sweet insane, topped with a fiery love reality show, will captivate the small screen. In light of this, here are three key points to look out for in the drama:

#1. Collaboration between Director Choi Gyu-shik & Writer Kim Sol-ji’s

The drama “Heading to the Ground,” “Syndrome,” and “Cheap Cheonlima Mart,” as well as “Frozen Young-ae,” “Let’s Eat 2,” “Let’s Eat 3,” “A Man and a Woman,” and “Hush,” are all written by Writer Kim Sol-ji Working together with Choi Gyu-sik, who portrays single people’s real-life and real-love stories superbly, piques curiosity.

Through various teasers and trailers that were previously released, it was a situation in which it got a favorable response like a deterioration by showing a popping character, realistic dialogue that sticks to the mouth, and sensual visual beauty. In particular, director Choi Gyu-sik and writer Kim Sol-ji are raising the excitement index of small screens by conveying their ambition to create detailed, sensuous, pleasant and realistic healing romances through ‘Love is for Suckers’.

#2. Chemistry between Dahee & Choi Siwon

Siwon takes on the role of plastic surgeon Park Jae-hoon, who is bored of both job and love, while Dahee portrays a producer in the entertainment world where neither work nor love go well. By performing in a way that is drastically different from their prior work, Lee Da-hee and Choi Si-won are both foretelling the start of a new career. With their amazing visual chemistry, which makes viewers happy just by looking at them, and their passionate performances, which communicate their feelings by immersing themselves in the characters, the two are predicted to satisfy 100% of viewers’ excitement index.

#3. A story within a story

Kingdom of Love in ‘Love is for Suckers’ between the story of Goo Yeoreum (Lee Dahee) and Park Jae-hoon (Choi Si-won) as a producer and cast member of the love reality show ‘The Kingdom of Love’ in a framed composition. It gives fresh fun to enjoy entertainment together.

Actors Park Yeon-woo, Seo-joon, Lee Cheol-woo, and Kang Seo-joon, chef John Jang, startup CEO Kim Jun-ho, ice hockey player Lee Hoon-hee, and health trainer general, actors Son Hwa-ryeong, Kim Ji-soo, Moon Ye-won, and Lee Yu-jin, respectively. , as a lawyer from law school, Keum Soo-mi, and fights for a hot and thrilling romance in ‘The Kingdom of Love’. In addition to the heart-thumping narrative that goes back and forth between the love and friendship of Lee Da-hee and Choi Si-won, the colorful love lines unfolded by the talented actors will make the play richer.

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