3 Heart Fluttering Lines From “Jinxed At First” Which Made Viewers Excited

The complex relationship between Seulbi (Seohyun) and Soo-Gwang (Na In-woo) in “Jinxed At First,” which grows more intriguing with each episode, adds to the excitement of the drama. Seulbi and Soo-Gwang, in particular, were born with contrasting destinies—for example, the ability to predict the future and being symbols of ill luck—but they have a chemistry that transcends those fates, moving the hearts of their admirers.

They create a warm atmosphere through their heart-fluttering romantic lines that touch viewers deeply. Below are the lines that made us excited for the future development of their relationship. 

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Jinxed At First Kdrama, Courtesy: KBS2

#1. The dramatic reunion of Seulbi and Soogwang that no one could separate! “Nice to meet you, Gongsu-gwang!”

The Geumhwa Hotel was the scene of the disastrous first encounter between Seulbi and Sugwang. However, they could only stay together for one day before having to separate ways. Two years have gone by since that time, and Seulbi, who still had trouble forgetting Soo-gwang, managed to flee and find him at the “Lucky Fish Store.” “Nice to meet you, Gong-soo-gwang,” Seulbi said with an excellent greeting as she appeared in front of Soo-gwang despite the heavy downpour.

The appearance of Seulbi and Sugwang one after the other at the conclusion of episode 1 and the start of episode 2 left a lasting effect. The relief on Seulbi’s face at finally seeing Soo-gwang was pure in itself.

#2. I can’t hide my inner feelings! “Stop it, my heart. Don’t talk to me.”

Seulbi and Smile Daek, a rival store of Soo-gwang, reunited and become friends by drinking alcohol who were on bad terms with each other. The viewers’ hearts fluttered at an unexpected scene in which Seulbi abruptly jumped up from her bed and kissed Soo-gwang while being carried home by Soo-gwang. Soo-gwang ran out in surprise, and he grabbed his heartbeat and said, “The fish shop owner has completely caught the fish. I caught it,” he whispered. Then he said, “Stop it, my heart. Don’t be me,” he said, making the viewers flutter at the same time, unable to control his trembling heart.

#3. Soogwang→Seulbi, “The important thing to me is you. You are the most precious” Confession

With a brief confession to Soo-gwang in the previous episodes, Seulbi infused the screen with enthusiasm by saying, “I like you.” Seulbi expressed her sincerity to Soo-gwang, who did not immediately respond to her. She said, “We would be happy together,” but he never responded.

Soo-gwang, whose heart is trembling after hearing her confession, worries about her being left alone in the rooftop room where the rain is dripping, so he flees to her. “The important thing to me is you. You are the most precious, he said, causing her heart rate to soar. “Even if you see your family again and leave me, even if I am alone once again, even if just I get hurt, that’s okay,” he said while still gripping his heart. Right now, I like being with you. He genuinely increased hopes for their relationship by saying, “I really like you.

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