Top 10 New K-Dramas To Watch On Kocowa In 2022

Hello K-Drama Lovers,

Are you looking for new K-Drama releases? If so, then you’ve come to the right place.

The year 2022 seems to be the year of K-Dramas. So far, many good and refreshing Korean dramas have been released, making it hard to pick new dramas to watch, as several dramas with stellar casts and genres like melodrama, comedy, romance, action, thrillers, and many more have been released, making it even more difficult to choose a few.

Take a chill pill because I’m here with new Korean dramas for you to begin watching right now.

Here Are The Top 10 Latest Kdramas To Watch On Kocowa In 2022

1. Young Lady and Gentleman

  • Genres: Family drama, Romance, Comedy-drama
  • Total Episodes: 52
  • Streaming Site: Kocowa

About a widower with three children and a live-in tutor for his children, to whom he develops feelings.

Young Lady and Gentleman tell the story of Dan Dan who leaves her house after getting tired of her stepmother. One day, she climbs the mountain and meets Young-guk, who is hiking in a suit. Young-guk is the chairman of a talented company and a widower with three children.

Coincidentally, Dan becomes a live-in tutor at Young Guk’s home. When they start living together and taking care of Yonguk’s children, they fall into big and small conflict situations. Despite the age difference of 14 years, they start to like each other.

2. Dali and Cocky Prince

  • Genres: Romance, Drama, Comedy
  • Total Episodes: 16
  • Streaming Site: Kocowa

Story of Kim Dal Ri who is struggling to keep her family’s art museum intact. When Jin Moo Hak, an uneducated businessman, comes to her rescue, things begin to change, and romance blossoms between them.

In the Netherlands, visiting researcher Kim Dali encounters restaurateur Jin Moo-hak in a case of mistaken identity. Dali goes home after her father’s death to take over the running of her family’s faltering art museum. Moo-hak is the art museum’s largest creditor, and they run into each other again when he comes to collect on his debts. Moo-hak gradually understands that he would rather turn the museum’s finances around to aid Dali than simply get his money back.

3. Moonshine

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  • Genres: Romance, Historical drama, Comedy
  • Total Episodes: 16
  • Streaming Site: Kocowa

Set in Joseon Era when alcohol was strictly forbidden.

Moonshine plot follows Nam Young an officer of the Saheonbu. One of the missions of the Saheonbu is to crack down on those who have broken the alcohol ban. Namyoung came to Hanyang from his hometown. He has a charming look and a strict personality. He meets Kang Roso. Kang Roso is the daughter of a poor aristocrat. She is actually the earner of her family. She doesn’t mind doing manual labour for money. She begins brewing alcohol during a strict alcohol ban to pay off her debt.

4. Through The Darkness

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  • Genres: Action, Thriller, Suspense, Crime
  • Total Episodes: 12
  • Streaming Site: Kocowa

Through The Darkness depicts the story of Song Ha Young, a Criminal Profiler who reads the minds of serial murderers, he is patient and digs the cases and investigates them thoroughly by looking deeply into the human mind.

5. One the Woman

images 5
  • Genres: Mystery, Comedy, Romance, Drama
  • Total Episodes: 16
  • Streaming Site: Kocowa

Story of a chaebol daughter-in-law and a corrupt female prosecutor who look alike, switch lives after an accident.

One the Woman plot follows Yeon Joo a savvy prosecutor who experiences amnesia following a car accident while chasing a suspect. As she awakens, she discovers herself to be Kang Mi Na, the Hanju Group’s daughter-in-law. Mi Na was born out of wedlock so her family and her husband’s family both mistreat her. When Yeon-joo lived as Mi-na in Han’s household, she put up with the family’s mistreatment and even savagely insulted them.

6. Love Twist

Love Twist tp01
  • Genres: Melodrama, Family Drama
  • Total Episodes: 103
  • Streaming Site: Kocowa

Love Twist is a story about three families that explores the essence of love and family.

Its plot follows So Ri, the CEO of an online shopping mall, who is Kwang Nam and Ok Hee’s only child. As a result, Ri is driven, competitive, and self-sufficient. Yun A is So Ri’s friend, but she also happens to be her love rival. She has a crush on Ha Ru and is hopelessly in love with him.

Yun A, on the other hand, is a completely different person when she’s with So Ri and can be as cunning as a fox. Kwang Nam remarried Ha Ru’s mother after his divorce from Ok Hee. These three families, whose futures are intertwined, will continue to face an unpredictable future.

7. It’s Beautiful Now

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  • Genres: Romance, Drama, Family
  • Total Episodes: 50
  • Streaming Site: Kocowa

A story about the realities of today’s generation, who do not want to marry and start a family.

The plot follows the Lee family, whose head is grandfather, Lee Kyung-Cheol. His son, Lee Min-ho, has three sons with his wife, Han Kyung. Because the boys are hesitant to marry, the elders announce that the son who marries within six months will be given an apartment.

With an apartment on the line, the three brothers are now intent on getting married.

8. Gold Mask

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  • Genres: Drama, Family, Melodrama
  • Total Episodes: 100
  • Streaming Site: Streaming now on Kocowa

Three women strive to find the solution to life after a tragic tragedy caused by false desires and greed.

Gold Mask,” tells the story of Yoo Soo-Yeon, who grew up with ordinary parents. She falls in love with a man from a chaebol family and marries him. Her life looks to be modelled after Cinderella’s, and she is revered by others, but she is not without adversity due to her in-laws’ cruelty. Cha Hwa-Young is a desirous and ambitious woman who works hard to retain her upper-class status. Go Mi-Sook is a private moneylender who runs a franchise restaurant. 

9. Bravo, My Life

SvAxGKthiMEKCkBmNacNlPM32KGhshVqIreeuMV7HcWVj6CL2oFab8g4z60CtG6 s35XxcVqbKIRuPuXozWJy zsCRWDD2eejsKevZG5SjKH9LCUzTVT5WqW4ubuzsg6DGfQ hjtMVq9Z9HOlg
  • Genres: Comedy, Romance, Family
  • Total Episodes: 120
  • Streaming Site: Streaming now on Kocowa

Showing the struggle of a single woman who chooses to be her nephew’s mother.

“Bravo My Life,” tells the story of Seo Dong Hee, who aspires to be a fashion designer. She decides to become her nephew’s mother and raise him on her own. Kang Cha Yul, a second-generation chaebol with intelligence and excellent looks, becomes Dong Hee’s lover. Cha Yul’s father wants him to follow in his footsteps, but he actually wants to make his own path, when he realizes he won’t be able to do it without his father’s help. He accepts his father’s offer to work for the corporation for a year.

10. The Secret House

kulMyhbt0gvo5ARcLA9tDgcDcmKOEbcZ7nUgmpiNV Op1BbJM5 Nx3gh4Bnen 5umFoDWXSSZt1NklazTw42qCCoyYXNdfFWnzhPAWxVoxnoUJKVIm EiuRXzz41kZvMoa3Qz0gwvafYOJewHg
  • Genres: Thriller, Revenge, Romance, Drama
  • Total Episodes: 120
  • Streaming Site: Streaming now on Kocowa

A revenge story in which a dirt-spoon lawyer on the hunt for his missing mother stumbles into a world of secrets in order to battle the world.

The Secret House,” tells the story of Woo Ji Hwan, a lawyer with a secret he needs to keep hidden in the face of his family’s misfortune. Woo Ji Hwan’s first love was Baek Joo Hong, a surgeon. Nam Tae Hyung is a pretentious prosecutor with ideal living circumstances, including money, skills, and a loving family.

Did you find this blog post helpful? I hope you found it helpful and picked your next kdrama to watch on KOCOWA in 2022. 

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