06 Best Scenes From ‘Our Blues’ Kdrama So Far That Got Us Hooked

The actors’ acting in “Our Blues” has become a compelling spectating point in the drama that must be observed. Despite the fact that only eight episodes have been released so far, we are excited to see what kind of actor will impress us with what kind of performance in the future. The sight of the main characters, who appeared to be lively, elicited sympathy, and the lifelike performances of the actors who represented them attracted viewers’ attention.

Best Scenes From Our Blues Korean Drama So Far

Hansu and Eunhui”

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Scene#1. Choi Han-soo jumps into the sea, reminiscing one of his most memorable moments.

Choi Han-soo, a tired middle-aged man in comparison to young Choi Han-soo’s lively appearance, and his friend Jung Eun-hui, whom I hadn’t seen in a long time, but whose self-contained comments left a lasting effect. Cha Seung-won’s life acted in ‘Goose Daddy,’ in which he played Choi Han-soo as saltier than seawater.

Scene#2. Jeong Eun Hui’s tears, pained by her first love “I lost a lifelong friend”

Eunhui, who had to take responsibility for her family’s livelihood after dropping out of high school, became a fishmonger. “Did you regard me as a friend?” said Eun-hee, who thought her first love, Choi Han-soo, took advantage of her emotions in the memories that reminded her of those days. “I lost a lifelong friend today,” she sobbed. Eunhui’s tears, which made her heart flutter, flashed brightly in this scene. Lee Jung-Eun’s tears, which portrayed Euhui’s hurt feelings, and her acting with Cha Seung-won heightened immersion.

“Bang Ho-Sik and Jung In-Gwon”


Scene#3. Choi Young-Joon’s sad portrayal as a heartbroken father, Bang Ho-Sik

Owing to his child, the narrative of fathers who are heartbroken because their children are different from them in some manner elicited empathy. When her daughter Yeongjoo who got pregnant and is a high school student, when declared she would go to school and give birth to her child, Bang Ho-Sik (Choi Young-joon) sat down. Choi Young-Joon’s moving performance, in which he portrayed his father’s disturbed and dissatisfied heart, brought tears to the eyes of the audience.

Scene#4. Father Jung In-Gwon, who broke in front of his child

Jung In-Gwon (Park Ji-hwan) lost his mother while working as a mobster, divorced his wife, and attempted to become a proud father of his children. Even when he was unwell, he sold sundaes by smelling pig blood and went out of business. “You were pleased with me. Is this boy, nevertheless, embarrassed?” He asked his son Jung Hyeong Parents sobbed in front of the television when they saw Jung In-Kwon weeping. Park Ji-hwan’s emotive performance as a father who collapsed in front of his children evoked empathy.

“Dong-seok and Seon-ah”

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Scene#5. Lee Dong Seok, a trucker who wanders throughout the islands

With genuine life acting in the Jeju dialect, Lee Byung-hun portrayed Lee Dong-Seok, a trucker who wanders throughout the islands. The scene of the grandparents protesting that they had purchased stuff from another frustrated Dondseok. Long phrases in the unknown Jeju dialect were swallowed naturally by Byung-Hun Lee, eliciting appreciation. In the forthcoming episodes of ‘Dongseok and Seonah’ and ‘Okdong and Dongseok,’ Lee Byung-hun, has been a brilliant presence even in situations other than the episode in which he is the main character, is expected to display what type of performance he would put on.

Scene#6. Min Seon Ah stands on Jeju Island’s beach, unhappy and depressed

With Shin Min-a’s acting, the appearance of Min Seon-ah steeped in sadness while looking at the water ceaselessly heightened absorption. Min Seon-ah, who arrives at Jeju after losing her son’s custody to his father, is in danger of losing her entire life owing to her despair. Shin Min-ah’s heartbreaking depiction of Min-seon-a’s depression and isolation, with her entire body submerged in water and her face, darkened in front of her. Min Seon-a’s presence, which launched the episode of ‘Dong-Seok and Seon-ah’ with a bang, piqued viewers’ interest. Source (1)

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