05 Things You Need To Know About Park Eun Bin After Her Appearance In ‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo’

Park Eun-bin, who plays Woo Young-woo, the lead character in the ENA drama “Extraordinary Attorney Woo,” is bringing healing and refreshment with her character as Woo Young-woo, who graduated from Seoul University with an A+ in law despite having autism. Her social awkwardness and autistic behaviour make her a strange fit at the prestigious legal company where she works. She has disagreements with her boss and coworkers, but she is a legal genius and soon assists them in winning challenging cases. 

Viewers are in awe of her as Park Eun-bin completely inhabits the persona of an autistic person, as evidenced by her voice tone, hand gestures, walk, and eyes. Thanks to her outstanding portrayal of Attorney Woo, Park is gaining global recognition and the drama has already broken the highest viewership ratings in ENA history.

If you are one of Park Eun Bin’s admirers, as everyone is nowadays, here are some facts about the Extraordinary Attorney Woo star Park Eun Bin that you should know if you really are her die-hard fan.

#1. A Heroine you cannot help but cheer for


Park Eun-bin, who made her debut in the entertainment industry as a model for children’s apparel, has developed dependable and reliable acting abilities via a variety of dramas, beginning with her child role. She surprised all of us many times by portraying a variety of challenging roles. She portrayed “Lee Se-young,” the only female management team head. In the drama “Stove League,” in which she flaunted her poised charm while harbouring a crush on a girl, Park’s playing of the Frank Violin Sonata’s first movement, as well as the Brahms Violin Sonata’s first movement without a double in the drama, “Do You Like Brahms?”, left us in awe. In the historical drama, “The King’s Affection,” Park Eun-bin delivered a brand-new shock by showcasing her strong personality while dressing in “the king’s attire.” She became the most notable actress of 2022 thanks to her portrayal of Woo Young-woo, the main character in the drama “Extraordinary Attorney Woo.”

#2. She turned down Extraordinary Attorney Woo’s offer


Park Eun-bin, who is currently winning over fans with her performance in Extraordinary Attorney Woo, revealed that she first turned down the role more than once before accepting it. The actress disclosed how she received the offer and what led her to accept the role in an interview with Allure Korea. During the interview, Park Eun-bin mentioned that she simultaneously received the screenplays for The King’s Affection and Extraordinary Attorney Woo in 2021. She admitted that she was unsure about her ability to portray an autistic person. She saw the writers and producers putting their complete faith in her, and that gave her the guts to accept the part later.

#3. Her model’s pay is now the same as that of actresses Song Hye Kyo and Jun Ji Hyun

The drama “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” reportedly competes in the advertising sector for the box office model fee. Her contracts expanded, but so did the fees for those contracts, in line with her fame. Park Eun-bin’s model fee increased, according to the industry, to almost 500 million won annually. With the exception of a very small group of remarkable female superstars like Song Hye Kyo and Jun Ji Hyu, this is the highest annual model pay for female celebrities in Korea. Even though model costs for celebrities are completely confidential, there are actually very few domestic female stars who can earn 500 million won or more in annual model fees.

#4. Extraordinary Attorney Woo’s director describes her as a shy but introspective person

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Park Eun Bin’s biggest compliment came while playing Woo Young Woo when the drama’s director and writer trusted her enough to postpone a production worth billions of won. The director was then asked to list three qualities that make the actress, Park Eun Bin, distinctive and a perfect fit for this role. The director, Yoo In Sik, stated, “To state only three reasons is cruel. First, she is shy and an introspective person, but in front of a camera, she flips switches. I always thought she was a well-prepared actress, but she had charms well beyond that. “

#5. The last 4-digits of the phone number of Park Eun Bin’s character Woo Young Woo are 5252, which means “the world’s loneliest whale”

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The last digit of Woo Young Woo’s mobile phone number on her business card is 5252. Supposedly, the number 5252 represents the loneliest whale on the entire planet. The “loneliest whale in the world” is often referred to as the 52-hertz whale. Frequencies between 15 and 25 hertz are typical for whales. The 52-Hz whale calls with an odd frequency of 52 hertz, which prevents it from communicating with other whales as other species do. The 52-hertz whale is a particularly unique and lonesome mammal because of this. However, there have been no scientific discoveries regarding the species, numbers, or habitats of the 52-hertz whale.

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