05 Reasons That Made ‘A Business Proposal’ Drama An International Success

Business Proposal,” which emerged with a 4.9 percent audience rating (based on Nielsen Korea, nationwide survey), has gained popularity with more than double the ratings. The screens were harmonised by the strength of a drama that can be watched comfortably and with fun in a heavy situation, as well as various elements that make even obvious clichés fun.

“Business Proposal” is about an office romance between Kang Tae-moo (Ahn Hyo-Seop), a brilliant boss, and Shin Ha-ri (Kim Se-Jeong), an employee who cheated on her identity. The story of meeting the company president in a confrontation as a substitute drew laughter and excitement to the small screen.

#1. A Fantasy Roco ‘Cinderella Story’

The allure of “man-to-man” is that you don’t realise how quickly time passes because you’re smiling when you’re smiling, and when you’re excited, you’re smiling again. Shin Ha-ri leads a double life while attempting to hide her identity in the drama, and Kang Tae-moo falls for Shin Ha-ri and launches a confession bombardment. “Business Proposal” expertly blends romance and comedy (ROCO) episodes, making it nearly impossible to take your gaze away from the screen. The main characters’ romance, reminiscent of the “Cinderella Story,” was released in a comical way through the chaebol genius CEO and an ordinary employee.

#2. Fast-Paced 12 Episode Story


Quick-paced ‘Business Proposal’ is a fast-paced 12-episode story that instantly erases the viewers’ time. Kang Tae-moo discovered the identity of Shin Ha-ri, who is living a double life, after the fourth episode. There were no long-running conflicts that wore the audience down. Kang Tae-moo, who quickly became aware of his feelings after experiencing lovesickness, provided a thrilling experience. Shin Ha-ri, who had been shaken by Kang Tae-Moo, realised her love for Kang Tae Moo by kissing him first.

#3. Outstanding Acting Skills Of The Actors

Kim Sejeong and Ahn Hyo Seop’s warm appearances, which look like they came straight out of a webtoon, and their acting skills, which go beyond sincerity and fun, naturally increased the viewer’s immersion. In addition, another love line sub couple, Kim Min-Gyu and Seol In-Ah’s hot romance exploded, garnering viewers’ attention. The adorable chaebol grandfather Lee Deok-Hwa, the quirky ‘food development team’ Kim Hyun-suk, Lim Ki-hong, and Yoon Sang-Jung, and the warm ‘Hari’s family’ Kim Kwang-Gyu, Jung Young-Joo, and Choi Byung-chan all worked as scene stealers, creating a chemistry that couldn’t take the viewers’ eyes off them.

#4. Kim Min‑kyu & Seol In‑ah Heart Flatturing Moments

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Kim Min Kyu as Chae Seung Hoon and Seol In Ah as Young Seo have shown their outstanding chemistry in the drama. No doubt their presence in the drama made it more immersive and brought a lot of laughter from time to time with their scenes, from their first encounter in the grocery store to their first night together, from Young Seo cooking for Seung Hoon to Seung Hoon cooking a birthday meal for Young Seo, from their hiking date to a marriage proposal, from meeting Young Seo’s father to helping each other in tough situations. They definitely made a great couple, highly loved and praised by the audience. So it can be said that Kim Min Kyu and Seol In Ah’s presence in the drama is one of the reasons for its great success.

#5. Anime CG directing is more entertaining to watch


‘Business Proposal’ is based on the same-named webtoon and web novel serialised on Kakao Page. The directing of Park Seon-ho, who actively utilises the drama’s characteristics, adds to the enjoyment of watching. The directing of ‘Ephemeral Bird, Archeopteryx‘ flying around every time Kang Tae-moo called Shin Ha-ri made people laugh. In addition, there were some brilliant ideas in the scene that used the webtoon setting, such as adding visual fun with a cartoon-like direction. Manga directing became a unique aspect of ‘A Business Proposal,’ and it was instrumental in establishing a pleasant atmosphere for the drama.

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