04 Reasons Why You Should Start Watching ‘Our Blues’ K-Drama

The future steps of ‘Our Blues,’ which received positive reviews thanks to a collaboration between authors, directors, actors, and even music, are boosting anticipation. The 14-actor production’s colourful and fascinating plot has barely just begun. ‘Our Blues’ premiered on April 9th is a story that smells like the people of Jeju. The drama was packed with the warm performance of the actors who blended into the Jeju Purreung Village and the music that added emotion.

The ratings also signalled the start of a successful run. It had the greatest audience rating of 11.2 per cent in the metropolitan area in the second episode (based on a paid platform that merges cable, IPTV, and satellite / Nielsen Korea). The different appealing components of ‘Our Blues’ that captured viewers in this regard (1).


1. Breathtaking Scenery Of Jeju Island

“Our Blues” caught people’s attention by capturing not only the gorgeous beauty of Jeju but also the people who live there. oil field businessmen who rise before the sun, truck traders who wander the island, and haenyeo who jump into the sea. The rich visual splendour was completed by photographing the people who call Jeju home.

2. Realistic Characters Conveying Empathy

‘Our Blues’ tells the story of Purung Village inhabitants who have settled in Jeju and those who have returned to Jeju. Empathy was sparked by the appearance of the main characters, who are average people with their own problems. Wept together and took comfort from each other, who grinned as they remembered their forgotten childhood. The main characters, set against the backdrop of an oil field, were eerily similar to our neighbours. In the omnibus composition, writer Noh Hee-Kyung, who has authored works with a sympathetic perspective on mankind, is expected to draw more varied groups of people.

Our Blues K-Drama Review

3. Colourful Actors Shine In Each Scene

Cha Seung-won and Lee Jung-eun, “Han-su and Eun-hee,” which also features Lee Byung-hun, Shin Min-ah, Han Ji-min, Kim Woo-bin, Kim Hye-ja, Ko Doo-shim, Park Ji-hwan, Choi Young-jun, and others. Despite their brief appearance, they left a lasting impression with their charming performances. Furthermore, the child actors of Cha Seung-won and Lee Jung-eun, Kim Jae-won and Shim Dal-gi, respectively, drew notice. “Time just goes merely by watching the actors’ performances,” one viewer wrote. The anticipation of finding out which actors would appear in each episode makes fans thrilled.

4. Luxury Music That Adds Warm Sensibility

The therapeutic ingredient of ‘Our Blues’ is music that infuses a warm feeling into the right and little moments. The major characters are portrayed with their own traumas, yet the light and emotive music that keeps them from being too serious resonate with viewers’ hearts. With an OST that recreated Choi Seong-woo’s ‘Whisky On The Rock,‘ Kim Yeon-Ji of Seeya evoked childhood recollections. The OST for ‘Our Blues,’ created in partnership with Lim Young-Woong, is intended to flow into the drama and provide a lingering mood.

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