03 Reasons Why We Are Excited For The Premiere of Political Romance Drama “Bloody Heart”

Bloody Heart, also known as “Red Single Heart”, is the story of King Lee-Tae (Lee Joon), who has to throw away the woman he loves in order to survive. It is a bloody political romance that unfolds as they aim their knives at each other’s necks in order to survive.

Reasons to look forward to the premiere of Bloody Heart K-drama

#1. Swords at each other’s necks to survive

The two lovers who have been in a relationship for a long time confront a tearful separation and live a separate, and their old stories emerge to the surface, attracting attention.

When Yoo-Jeong enters the palace where Lee Tae dwells owing to an unexpected situation, however, unexpected things happen. The narrative of the two lovers who faced each other as statics unable to exist in the era of oppressive monarchs is highlighted. The focus is on whether Lee Tae and Yoo Jeong will survive by aiming swords at each other’s necks.

#2. The story of the characters who each have a single heart

The stories of characters who live their lives according to their own desires will elicit strong emotions on the screen. Whether Lee Tae and Yoo Jung, who will embody the stormy court life, will be able to safely conquer adversity and unveil the ‘Court Romance of the Century,’ and whether the characters with each ‘single heart’ gradually turn crimson towards their ambitions. The focus is on whether or not they can control their coloured thinking.

#3. Emphasis On Strong and Interlinked Characters

The first episode is predicted to be tense due to the appearance of Park Gye-won (Jang Hyuk), the ‘Kingmaker,’ who could never see Joseon destroyed by the dictator again. He has an unrivalled charisma, although he rarely raises his voice, and he receives reports on the king’s every move, causing a dispute with Lee Tae. Ga-Yeon Choi (played by Ji-Yeon Park), who sits atop the throne, is upping the drama’s stakes by claiming that she possesses immense authority while backing Park Gye-won’s political ambitions.

Jo Won-Pyo (Heo Seong-Tae), the world’s second most powerful military general after Jwaui-Jeong, and Jo Yeon-hee (Choi Ri), who had a peaceful existence before meeting Lee Tae, his wife, and Mu-in, but why he became an insider in the win remains a mystery.

Meanwhile, Bloody Heart Ep 1 will premiere today (May 2) on KBS2 for Koreans at 9:30 pm KST, and on Disney+ for foreign audiences.

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