03 Points from “Alchemy of Souls” of Lee Jae Wook That Mesmerized Us

Lee Jae-Wook plays Jang Wook, the Jang family’s intelligent yet troublesome young master, in Netflix and tvN’s Saturday and Sunday drama “Alchemy Of Souls“, where he glides easily between the noble young master and the terrible student in the drama, creating excitement and hilarity at the same time. Meanwhile, Alchemy of Souls is about the love and progress of young magicians as they face their twisted fates in a mythical kingdom named Daeho that does not exist in history or on maps.

#1. Jang Wook’s Restless Yet Intriguing Life

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Because his father, Jang-gang, had closed the energy gates required to learn magical spells, he led an unhappy life. With Mudeok’s assistance, he risked his life to open his energy gate, but being prevented from entering the Songrim made him feel even more alone. He specifically contributed to the tears’ flow when he learned from Park Jin that Jang Kang was not his biological father. The spectators’ hearts were affected by the image of Jang-wook growing up on his own while battling his intrinsic destiny, but the story that Jang-wook will tell in the future only heightens their intrigue.

#2. Jang Wook’s Irresistible Smirking Charm

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Jang-wook portrayed a character full of smirks by deftly escaping his predicament despite being in the midst of several disasters. Remarkably, the fans felt at ease at the acting he displayed when dodging Jinmu of Cheonbugwan. Viewers’ also laughed while witnessing the love triangle involving Park Jin, Kim Do-Joo, and Master Lee when Jang Wook tried to explain Park Jin. The ideal appearance brings to life the drama’s setting and completes Jang-work’s unshakeable persona.

#3. Jang Wook’s Breathtaking Romance With Mudeok

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Jang-wook, who quickly developed to become a mage at Songrim, was successful at catching goldfish and did so quickly. Jang-Wook’s swordplay, which gets flashier with the duels one after another and his ability to learn his opponent’s skills, overwhelms the audience’s eyes and therefore is appreciated for deepening the drama’s immersion with faultless action.

On the other hand, the heart-thumping acting that develops through a straight romance with Moo-Duk provides a reversal and captivates the audience, leading to a passionate kiss. In doing so, Jang-wook adds charm and a twist, capturing not only his talent but also his love of romance.

Meanwhile, Lee Jae Wook was born on May 10, 1998, and made his acting debut in the 2018 K-Drama Memories of the Alhambra. He played a supporting role in the dramas like Extraordinary You, and Search: WWW. His first main part was in Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol in 2020, where he co-starred with Go Ara. He was last seen as a cameo in the drama True Beauty and Netflix’s Move to Heaven.

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