03 Key Points To Look Out For In The New Netflix’s Money Heist Korean Version

The most Korean-style work, “Money Heist: Korea-Joint Economic Area” is finally gearing up to win audiences’ hearts worldwide on June 24, exclusively on Netflix.

Expectations are high for the makers of the remake of the Spanish series “Money Heist.” Will they prove that most Korean things are global? with this series after the huge hit Korean Netflix original series “Squid Game.”

In the Netflix series “Money Heist: Korea-Joint Economic Area” Zone, brilliant strategists and robbers with varying personalities and skills battle against exceptional variables during an unprecedented hostage robbery set against the backdrop of the unification of the Korean Peninsula. With its unique time-space setting and unpredictable development, “Money Heist: Korea-Joint Economic Area” in particular captures the attention of viewers worldwide.

Here are 3 reasons for you to binge-watch the new Netflix Money Heist Korean Series

From South Koreans to North Koreans, a 4 trillion won heist in unified Korea. The traditional hahoe masks that symbolise the robbers and the uniquely pleasing abilities of the characters are all here to make you feel thrilled.

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Money Heist Korea, Image Courtesy: Netflix

#1. Unified South & North Korea, Original setting & unpredictable thrilling development that you can’t take your eyes off of!

A common economic zone is established in the demilitarized zone (DMZ) where the two Koreas can freely travel and economic activities are guaranteed, and the bold and resourceful thieves who are attempting to steal 4 trillion won from the Unification Mint located in the middle are trying to stop them. This is done under the unique circumstances of Korea just before reunification. shows the intense mental conflict during the inter-Korean joint response team.

Even within the Mint, various factors including disputes within the robbery group, checks, and surprise actions of hostages from North and South Korea occur frequently. They are fighting with different beliefs in the TF headquarters where they must unite. Up until the very end, you can’t take your eyes off of it, says the production team.

#2. Korean Hahoe mask, the new symbol of the Heist, and the Korean emotions and visuals throughout the series

Attention is being drawn to Money Heist Korean Version because it features a setting that is unique to Korea. The plot and the work’s highlights are both rich with sentiments and symbols that are exclusive to Korea.

It’s also the reason why potential viewers were ecstatic when the mysterious Korean robbers’ mask—about which everyone was curious—Money Heist Korean Mask was called a Hahoe mask. The Hahoe Mask was chosen for the series because, in the words of director Kim Hong-sun, “It is a representative mask that all Koreans know, and the humour of the Hahoe mask also complements the work.”

The Unified Mint’s exterior and interior both command attention. Pine trees, rocks, and courtyards were placed inside the hanok-styled mint to create a sense of traditional beauty, and various Korean paintings were used to decorate the walls. Portraits of the martyrs Yu Gwan-sun and Ahn Jung-Geun, who made significant contributions to the history of the Korean Peninsula, were included to give the unification money additional value.

There are so many Korean themes in the background that it would be entertaining to search for them, as Kim Ji-hoon (Denver) put it. Zone> heralds the start of a new narrative that goes beyond a straightforward remake and finishes its own aesthetics.

#3. Captivating viewers with a strong lineup of actors and characters with strong personalities

Money Heist Korea features an outstanding cast that will never be seen together again. Lee Won-jong plays Moscow, South Korea’s first underground bank robber; Yoon-Joo Jang plays Nairobi, a forgery expert; Park Hae-soo plays Berlin, in charge of the heist; Jeon Jong-seo plays Tokyo, who witnesses the bitter taste of capitalism in South Korea; Yoo Ji-Tae plays a professor who plans a hostage robbery play that will go down in criminal history; Lee Hyun-woo plays Rio; Kim Ji-hun plays Helsinki; Lee Kyu-ho plays Oslo.

Kim Yun-jin plays the South Korean negotiator Seon Woo-jin, and Kim Seong-oh plays the North Korean special agent Cha Mu-hyeok, both delivering charismatic and engaging performances. By introducing a variable that shocks both the robbery and the inter-Korean joint reaction team at the same time, Park Myung-hoon as Jo Young-min, director of the Mint Bureau, and Lee Joo-bin as Yoon Mi-Seon, an accountant, will add amusement to the series.

Meanwhile, part 1 of the new Netflix original series “Money Heist: Korea-Joint Economic Area” will be released globally on June 24, 2022, exclusively on Netflix.

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